The State Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles was founded to preserve historical, spiritual and cultural center of the state, i.e., the castles of Vilnius, their territory and also all cultural and natural values within it in order to carry out permanent scientific research.

The State Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles is the heart of the city. It is the smallest state reserve in Lithuania.

The reserve was established in 1997 and covers an area of 57,5 hectare. The Directorate of the State Cultural Reserve was organized to coordinate its activities and management.



Vilnius mound (A1961 K) called the Crooked Hill, the Bare Hill, The Hill of Three Crosses (A 1961 K1) with the attaching mounds, called the Bekesh Hill (A 1961 K2), the Gediminas Grave Hill (A1961 K3) and the Stalo (Table) Hill (A1961 K4). The area of the territory is 33,87 hectare .

The Vilnius Castles area (A1960), called the Gediminas Castle Hill, the Higher Castle, the Lower Castle. The area of the territory is 18,70 hectare.


The complex of the Cathedral, the buildings of the Lower and the Higher Castles and their remains (G205 K):

  1. St.Stanislav and St. Vladislav’s Cathedral (G205 K1).Cathedral Square.1
  2. Remains of the defensive tower, the belfry (G205 K2). Cathedral Square 1
  3. Remains of the defensive wall of the Lower Castle (G205 K3). Arsenalo St. 1, 3
  4. New Arsenal (G205 K4). Arsenalo St. 1
  5. Remains of the Palace (G205 K5). Cathedral Square 1
  6. Remains of the eastern part of the Old Arsenal (G205 K6). Arsenal St. 3
  7. House of the castle Keeper (G205 K7) Arsenal St.1
  8. Remains of the defensive wall of the Higher castle (G205 K8). Arsenal St.5
  9. Remains of the western tower (G205 K9). Arsenal St.5
  10. Remains of the Palace (G205 K10). Arsenal St.5
  11. Remains of the southern tower (G205 K11). Arsenal St.5
  12. Cathedral Square (G205 K12).

Complex of buildings (G390 K):

  1. Palace, called Kirdieju (G390 K1). Barboros Radvilaites St.6
  2. Servants house (G390 K2). Barboros Radvilaites St.6
  3. Carriage house (G390 K3). Barboros Radvilaites St. 6
  4. Wall (G390 K4). Barboros Radvilaites St.6


  1. Memorial of Three Crosses (D R 1332)
  2. Sculptural composition “Lithuanian Ballad” (D V 3557)

(G000 K0) is the code of immovable cultural values in the Register of Cultural Properties.

The State Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles is a constituent part of the Vilnius Old Town monument U1P, managed in accordance with the by-laws of the State Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles based on the regulations of protection of the Old Town. The Reserve is attached to the Old Town Zone 1.